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Divorce is rarely easy and comes with many tough decisions — the process can be emotional, complex, and drag on for months or years.

Dealing with lawyers, dividing property and determining new living arrangements can be expensive and complicated, especially if you’re waiting on your divorce entitlement.

We help level the legal playing field and provide you with a line of credit, so you have one less thing to worry about during your separation and divorce proceedings.

Our loans are specifically designed to fund legal costs — whether it’s mediation, arbitration, collaborative law or court proceedings — as well as everyday expenses. We provide funds so your divorce can proceed without interruption or additional financial pressure.

We work with your family lawyer to secure the documentation required to lend quickly and fairly, so you can regain control, receive the settlement you deserve and move on with your life.

Our Application Process


Loan application

Fill out our loan application online. Our client service representatives will call you to review your unique situation and collect more information. Once you sign off on the application it allows us to speak with your lawyer and secure the information we need to move forward.


Your lawyer provides documentation

Your lawyer provides us with information and documentation regarding your file.



Our Divorce Loan Adjudicator assesses your file to evaluate the claim utilizing supporting documentation, provincial and jurisdiction jurisprudence, and their professional experience to determine the appropriate loan solution. If more information is needed, we’ll be in touch.


Approval and transfer of funds

Once approved, you and your lawyer sign the loan documents, and we e-transfer the funds to your preferred financial institution for personal expenses or your lawyer for legal fees.

Settlement Loans

How it works

Our divorce loans are simple — we loan on Ontario and Alberta on divorce proceedings in advance of the completion of the separation agreement and arrange financing based on your projected share of the assets owned by your household. With competitive fees and support from our specialist legal team, there’s as little stress to you as possible. 

Key loan details

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum loan amount is $5,000 and there is no maximum, although the loan will not exceed 30% of the adjudicator’s assessment of your allocation of the equalization. We encourage you only to borrow what you need.

You can use the loan for payment of lawyers fees, disbursements as well as everyday expenses.

We currently provide funding in Ontario and Alberta.

Whatever comes sooner, three years, or the payment of the equalization.

No, no payments are required until the end of the three-year term of the loan, or payment of the equalization/conclusion of the divorce proceedings.

Our charges are transparent and straightforward. An administration fee is added to the loan and interest is accrued only on the money you use and calculated at a fixed rate of interest. Call us for more details at 1-866-800-2100.

Divorce cases that fall within these categories will not be funded:

  • Family violence
  • Child custody (in isolation)
  • Child support (in isolation)
  • Spousal support (in isolation)
  • Foreign jurisdiction divorces
  • Common Law unjust enrichment claims (third-party adjudication)
  • Cases past the decision-making and asset division of the separation agreement
  • Divorce cases without legal representation (DIY)
  • Legal aid cases
  • Divorces before January 1, 2020 (Alberta)

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