Settlement Loans

Settlement Loans

Need Cash Before Your Settlement?

Personal injury litigation can take much longer than most people appreciate. We realize that as you await a settlement, your bills continue to pile up.

A settlement loan from Easy Legal Finance can help bridge the financial gap while your lawyer fights to ensure you obtain a fair settlement.

You are eligible to apply for a settlement loan if you have hired a lawyer and have an active personal injury claim, including:

  • Slip and Fall
  • Motor Vehicle Accident
  • Short‐term and Long‐term Disability


Our Application Process



Fill out our loan application online. Our client service representatives are available to help you through the entire process.



Our team assesses your file to determine the appropriate loan solution. If more information is needed, we’ll be in touch.


Once approved, you and your lawyer sign the loan documents and we e-transfer the funds to your preferred financial institution.

Settlement Loans

Our Loans

We speak with your lawyer and review your case to assess your application. Our client service team can recommend a settlement loan solution that best meets your needs.

Lump-Sum Loan

Our Lump-Sum Loan solution allows you to access the full loan amount, for payment at one time. There is no maximum amount, but we do encourage clients to only borrow what they need.

Facility Loan

Our Facility Loan solution acts as a line of credit where interest only accrues on the amount advanced. We’ll approve the loan amount, allowing you to withdraw funds as needed. You may also choose to set up a monthly schedule for budgeting purposes.

Treatment Loan

Our Treatment Loan solution allows you to focus on your health and wellness while we handle the administrative and economic burdens resulting from your injuries. This solution acts as a line of credit where interest only accrues on the bills we pay on your behalf, which are sent to the Treatment Providers you are working with, to support your recovery.

Our Terms and Fees

Loan Chart

Lump Sum Facility Treatment
Loan Size $2,000 $2,000 $2,000
Interest Rate 24% per year, compounded semi-annually. Six months up-front interest. 24% per year, compounded semi-annually. Six months up-front interest. 24% per year, compounded semi-annually. Six months up-front interest.
Payments None None None
Credit check/collateral required None None None
Administration Fee $375 $475 $475

Frequently Asked Questions

We review your completed application as soon as possible, and a decision is typically made within two business days.

No, your interest rate with Easy Legal Finance will not change. The rate you start with is
the one you maintain for the life of your settlement loan.

Yes. We don’t require proof of employment and we don’t verify your household income.
You can. We do not ask for collateral on your loan because we base our approval process on your case and claim.

There is no application fee. There is a one-time administrative fee of $375 for our Lump-Sum Loan and $475 for our Facility and Treatment Loans.

We provide settlement financing to help you manage your short-term bills and ease the immediate financial stress you may be facing as a result of your injuries. We’re conservative lenders, and review each file to ensure that we don’t provide unnecessary advances that you may be able to finance through other sources.

You pay back your loan once you receive a personal injury award or settlement. Up until
that point, Easy Legal Finance does not require monthly or interim payments.

Absolutely. Our online application is safe and secure, and we do not share client information with third parties. Feel free to review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

If the Claim has ended or been disposed of by a judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction, we assume 100% of the risk.

Structured settlements were introduced by the Government of Canada, to invest settlement monies on behalf of those made vulnerable by injuries, in something that is not likely to be lost prematurely.

These settlements are available, upon the consent of the casualty insurance company or by court order, and are purchased by the casualty insurance company on behalf of the claimant. They are only available at the time of settlement. As they are non-assignable, non-commutable and non-transferable by law, Easy LegalFinancing cannot loan against these investments.

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