Easy Legal Finance’s newest loan solution — Divorce Loans — provides financing to family law clients so their cases can proceed without interruption or delay, by helping them alleviate the financial pressure associated with divorce.

“While Divorce Loans are new to the Canadian market, they are fairly simple,” says Easy Legal President Larry Herscu. “We finance divorce proceedings in advance of the completion of the separation agreement and arrange financing based on the client’s projected share of the matrimonial/family property in Alberta or the projected equalization payment in Ontario.”

Established in 2013, Easy Legal is a specialty lender focused on providing credit solutions to the legal sector. Best known for servicing the personal injury sector with settlement loans, it rolled out Divorce Loans in early 2022.

Herscu notes that the firm took a measured approach to enter the family law sector and conducted extensive research and consulted with some of the country’s leading family lawyers before launching the solution.

Financing a divorce — particularly when contentious or high conflict — can be difficult for a client when their matrimonial assets are tied up or difficult to access. A Divorce Loan provides a tailored line of credit to help them pay for legal fees and living expenses while waiting for their share of the family property or equalization payment without dipping into investments or retirement funds.

Easy Legal’s client support team and Divorce Loan Adjudicator work with the client and their lawyer to secure the documentation required to lend quickly and fairly, so their divorce file can move forward without delay.

The application process

A client starts the process by filling out a loan application online or calling Easy Legal’s toll-free number. They then speak with one of its client service representatives, who reviews the client’s unique situation and collects more information.

Once the client signs off on the application, Easy Legal speaks with their lawyer to secure the information and documentation regarding the divorce file.

Then, a Divorce Loan Adjudicator will assess the file to evaluate the claim and determine the appropriate loan amount.

“Our Divorce Loan Adjudicators are integral to the application process,” says Herscu, explaining that these experienced family lawyers have more than 20 years of experience.

“Using their extensive professional experience and legal knowledge, they will assess the client’s allocation of family/matrimonial property or projected equalization payment to determine the appropriate loan size,” he says, noting the minimum loan amount is $5,000, and there is no maximum.

Once approved, the client and their lawyer sign the loan documents. Then, Easy Legal e-transfers the funds to the client’s preferred financial institution or directly to their lawyer to cover legal fees.

Will a Divorce Loan work for my client?

Not every client will need or want help financing their divorce proceedings — but some will benefit from Divorce Loans. For example, a loan is ideal for those files involving:

  • Income inequality (one spouse does not work)
  • Self-employment or entrepreneurship
  • Equity tied up in the matrimonial home
  • Funds locked into retirement accounts
  • Limited access to loans from family or friends
  • Funding specialists — such as private investigators, business valuators, or forensic accountants — to advance a case

Because it is not uncommon for a client to run out of available funds based on the length of their divorce proceedings, Herscu says a Divorce Loan can provide the boost they need to complete the process.

When a client starts running out of funds to pay for their divorce, it can make an already stressful situation even tougher to deal with, says Herscu. “Although it may be tempting to use a credit card, they incur additional interest charges and minimum payments must be met each month.

“If your client is already having financial difficulties, this may impact their credit score during a challenging time,” Herscu says. “A Divorce Loan can relieve some of that pressure and keep the matter moving forward.”

The terms of the loan are transparent and straightforward, he says. As well, Easy Legal can arrange for the loan to be applied directly to legal fees.

“No payments are required until the end of the three-year term of the loan or once they have received the payment of their share of the matrimonial/family property or equalization,” he says.

Currently, Easy Legal is offering Divorce Loans in Alberta and Ontario. But, again, this is part of its measured approach to the sector. “Divorce loans are a relatively new concept in the Canadian marketplace but have been established for quite some time in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia,” Herscu says.

Growing its core business is not unfamiliar territory for Easy Legal. Over the past four years, the firm has acquired several key competitors. It has also expanded its products beyond settlement lending to include various law firm lending services such as disbursement and file financing.

What has not changed is Easy Legal’s trademark compassion and professionalism and its dedication to access to justice, says Herscu. “Our clients often go through some of the roughest patches in their lives, whether it is divorce or an injury from an accident. If they are unable to pay their legal fees, that stress is only compounded.”

If you are going through a divorce yourself and anticipate a family or matrimonial property/equalization payment but are struggling to pay your legal and personal bills, this may be a solution to consider. Give us a call at 1-866-800-2100 to discuss.

The Easy Legal Group of Companies is a specialty lender focused on providing credit solutions to the legal sector, including its clients and service providers.

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